Ability to see primitive token "path" when using semantic/component tokens

Our team has implemented semantic/component tokens however it has been pretty frustrating for us not to be able to investigate the original primitive token that it is pulling from. Most of our component colors are just named after the component and so when creating new styles it becomes hard to copy what other components are doing. I wish there was a way to investigate the token to see basically the info that is in the local variables panel at the source.


Hey Rachel, thank you for the feedback! I’ve shared this internally with the teams. Also please don’t forget to upvote your feature request.

Same situation, I’m building up a token library and in dev mode I can’t see the primitive that’s being used in the semantic variable for components. Its hard to find where a dev could see the primitive, the whole flow of where the design kit token comes from.

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I’ve found this plugin that resolve for me!
Variables Count Find Trace

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Ooo nice find Gaia, this work great! Thanks :smiley: