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A plugin to export Figma layers to a spreadsheet?

Hi all,

I’ve recently started a new job as a product designer and my first project is to move the existing UI library into Figma as well as do some spring cleaning.

So now that I’ve dragged and dropped the sketch file into Figma, I was wondering if there was a plugin somewhere that allows me to export Figma layers (or components) into a Google spreadsheet document? I’m looking to do some auditing around the UI library.

I do know that there’s a spreadsheet sync plugin on Figma but I was wondering if there’s a plugin that produces the same process but in reverse (from Figma to spreadsheet)?

That’s a very interesting question! I haven’t seen anything for spreadsheets specifically, but I think there might be a few that allow you to export so-called “design tokens”, which are basically components and styles. Specifically, JSON-Exporter, and you can then convert JSON to CSV online, if you need. Although I’m not entirely sure it does what you want.

There is also Design Tokens plugin:

And you may be able to find much more of those by entering “tokens” in the plugins search.

P.S. I moved your topic to #product-questions category since it’s not a feature suggestion for Figma team to implement.


I used the JSON exporter to import the layer names into a JSON then converted it CSV :blush: though some unnecessary stuff got exported as well, overall I think it was very helpful. Thank you!