Your preferred frame dimensions?

I am trying to get a little insight from my fellow UX/UI designers regarding something that has been bugging me for awhile.

Do you go with the default Figma frame sizes they give or do you use custom dimensions?

I really don’t like using the “default” frames sizes as I feel they are not to indicative of actual real life dimensions used in desktop / laptop / mobile browsers.

Recently I purchased a Figma UX kit from one of my favourite designers and noticed he was using custom dimensions. For example his desktop was set at 1920x1024.

Now even though I traditionally don’t use those dimensions, it got me thinking if other designers are ditching what is said to be “industry standard sizing” and instead using dimensions that better suits them at each breaking point. (especially seeing as we all end up making it responsive when developing the final product anyways)

For instance when I design my desktop frames at around 1920x950 and preview it in my browser it is damn near pixel perfect so I get that more “real world” UX feeling.

Anyways, curious to hear others thoughts on this and what they do!

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