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X Position incorrect in controls


Today I noticed that the controls are reporting a different position than where the item is actually located.

First time posting here so I am not sure if the image will be legible to you all.

The position of the object is 70.9, but Figma Controls put the X at 474.52.

How can I resolve this? Unfortunately it makes me question the sizes a lot more in Figma now, a few week back I had a font size dependency between Figma and the coded version. I was convinced the issue was in the coding but now I don’t feel as confident. Is there a good place to report these issues other than this forum?

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Your object is rotated 180 °. Set to 0 °.

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Thank you! Unfortunately it still moves the panel to the wrong location after changing the rotation. I finally figured out the pinning menu and was able to move the panel to the right place manually.