Windows 11 not associating .fig files with Figma desktop

And when it opens the dialog box to pick the app to use, I can’t find the Figma app to associate the file type with the app.

Is this something I need to reinstall?

Hi @Kyle_Bellamy,
Here’s an article how to troubleshoot opening links in the desktop app that can help you: here

As a reminder, if you have a file open in the browser, you can choose to open it in the desktop app. You must have the desktop app installed and be logged in using the same account you’re using in the browser.

  1. Click Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 14.15.23 Main menu.
  2. Select Open in desktop app from the dropdown.

Please also note: If you see the Get desktop app setting instead of Open in desktop app , make sure the desktop app is installed and that you’re logged in to the same account you’re using in the browser. If you’re logged in to different accounts, the Open in desktop app setting will not display.

If the workarounds still don’t help, I suggest you ro reach out directly to the support team: here

Hope this helps!