Why gradients don't work in exported preview?

I am exporting a Figma file in PDF, and the gradients on the font show up as solid color on the preview of the file (see the screenshots of how it’s supposed to look like and preview below).

Need this project exported properly ASAP, can someone help and tell me what’s the issue and how to make sure the gradient shows up properly? Much appreciated!

Hi there,

Thanks for flagging. I hope I can assist you, so please let me ask some questions. Can you share the fonts you’re using, browser only or App only or both, OS version, exported PDF, reproduction steps as well, if possible?

In exporting SVG, Angular or diamond gradients: Figma exports these as radial gradients, but it should work in PDF. I just tried a very simple text on my end, and I could export it as attached.

Please let me know if I’m missing any additional points. I want to make sure I am fully addressing your questions.