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Why don't Figma desktop prototypes display at the correct size?

Figma desktop prototypes don’t seem to display at the correct size. They are always shrunken by some percentage and I don’t understand why.

For example, let’s say I open my browser and take a screenshot of a website (just the website content and not the browser UI). Let’s say the screenshot is exactly 1438 x 700. Then let’s say I import that screenshot into Figma and add it to a frame that is exactly the same size. Now I have a Figma design that is 1438 x 700.

However, whenever I view the prototype, Figma shrinks the design somewhat and puts black space above, to the left, to the right, and below. Thus all Figma prototypes look smaller in the Figma prototype viewer than they would in my actual browser.

This doesn’t make any sense to me. Figma should display the prototype at the exact size of the frame, in this case 1438 x 700.

Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

  1. Maybe you accidentally changed the scale of the interface:
  2. Are you viewing it at 100% setting instead of fit/fill/width?

Actually not that’s not it. I’ve already confirmed that the issue is a bug with the Figma app on my M1 Mac. Works fine in a browser.

Edit: I’m wrong. Screen was zoomed out and the next response fixes this.

Are you absolutely sure that you don’t have interface scale changed? You can’t change it when the prototype is open by the way, only when the file is open. Press Option + Cmd + 0.

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You were right! I’m a dummy. Had no idea the screen was zoomed out slightly and not even sure how it happened.

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