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White out on design canvas! Help

I was practicing short cuts, and clearly hit the wrong key. My entire design workspace canvas and components went white with all content gone, just grey outlines of frames. Control+z will not undo. I hit play and confirmed the components are still there, so this is thankfully/hopefully/probably just a view preference that I’ve never used and don’t know how to revert. Please help!!!

Do you see content outlines as well? Or only frames? Maybe you entered Outlines mode (View → Outlines)? Does restarting Figma help? Does this happen only in one file or all? Can you share screenshots?

If none of this helps, report this to Figma support team via the bug report form. Don’t forget to include screenshots and file links, this is crucial information as well as answers to all the questions above.

:partying_face: that was it! View>Outlines. Thank you Gleb!!!