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Where are the updates and the bugs fixes?

Is it me or nothing has changed for months? I was hoping for quick fixes every x Nb of weeks when we could see the beta version improve, but it seemed to stop back in May.

I just received a survey about it, asking if I would use them as is at scale, which was obviously NO, with all the bugs going on right now.

Anyone from @Figma team can give us a much-needed update?


+1, would love to hear what’s happening and what we can expect. Haven’t received a survey about it, but I agree with your response - no, wouldn’t use it at scale due to bugs, and due to the missing features (autolayout support in prototypes on component size change, being able to link component states, and remembering/resetting component states on frame transitions are the top three for me).

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I’m getting concerned about this feature too. Keep coming to the forum to see if there are updates, but there are none. Figma is usually so good with new features, did they bite off more than they can chew with this one?


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