Where am I using components

We have created several components and its gotten to a point that we’re not 100% sure if were using all of our components. Hence, when I try to understand if I’m currently using this component in any of our Figma file, there’s no way to know that. However, I can go back to the master component, but what about the way around, using a component and understand where I’m currently using it.


Not sure what are you asking. Every component instance is identified clearly and there are multiple visual cues to see it. There is a different color in the layers panel an the reference in the properties panel. No way you can miss that!

Not at all what I’m asking Pavel. I did not ask where can I see instances. Please, take a breather and read the question again.

If I have a component/instance/variant/etc and I’m currently using it, I can easily reference them by accessing the main component. However, what if I have an orphan component (or any component for that matter) sitting in my DSM but I’m not sure whether I’m using that component or not anywhere in Figma. Is there a way/feature/something where I can quickly see where (which files) I’m using the component in? e.g. how many times I’m currently using that component, or where I’m using that component, etc.

Make sense?

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I guess this plugin would do “Instance Finder”, problem with this one is that if we have a library sitting somewhere else it might not work finding the instance of a parent component. Locator | Figma Community

Do any of you recommend any other way of finding instances and where they’re being used? Thank you!

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I vote for that as well! There is a plug-in to do so, but only within the same project.
It make sense to have this information w/o the need to move one project after another…

Zeplin does have this feature, and its helpful not only to design system maintenance but also for a product owner, designer or developer that wish to see how a specific component was used (for example: to check consistency , or to understand the component location in a page).

This might be what you’re looking for:

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