When will figma support importing mp4 and lottie?

I can’t simulate video and complex vector animations in my design prototype, I hope figma can make it


This is a feature we really need. Having moved over from Miro, our art and UX teams use Figma and FigJam to prototype and keep track of art development. The ability to add video files (from Youtube or a cloud drive) would be critically useful. The Blossom plugin is “ok”, but overpriced for the frequency with which we would use it.

Well I too want this feature. Specifically, Lottie animations.
Also, for now you can use gifs to add mock videos.

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This is a good idea, but unfortunately .gif files are very large, low quality, and most importantly, .gif files do not allow any interaction.

Really need Lotties to run natively and robustly in Figma.
Will look out for the announcement, Figma! :slight_smile:

From October 10, 2022, figma will support mp4 this week. Hope to support the import of Lottie next time, looking forward to

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Due to the acquisition of Figma, this might be a feature coming presumably.
As Adobe already has the knowledge of implementing Lottie into XD back then.

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