What the hell happened to variants and properties?

After last big update it’s not possible to create variants and properties anymore. There’s no choice for create new variant or properties. I can only see old creates combined variants.


Seriously, I’m really pissed off, I’m completely stuck on this “new feature”. When there is something just working perfectly, there must be someone to change it and completely f**ked it up.

Well thanks!


Your tone prevents constructive conversation, mate, take it easy

On the topic, it is kind of weird that component with variants have this

And the one withoit does not have it, so you need to find that button else where

It is up there


Thanks, this solved my problem. I’m sorry for the tone but I don’t understand why someone has to change something what seemed very intuitive to absolute nonsense.


Thank you. Came searching for how to make a new variant and you solved it!

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Agree that it is very unintuitive how it works now.

I’m trying to look past that I need to adjust to workflow updates I’m not accustomed to, but moving the “Make new variant” button to the top center panel when it made perfect sense to keep it where it was originally is very confusing. We now have similar/related controls situated in two different areas of the ui.


This change caused some frustration/panic for me as well. As I was on a tight deadline (who isn’t) suddenly the variants button in the side bar was gone. Took me about an hour to figure it out. I think Figma could have communicated this change better.


Looks like they’ve fixed this in the latest update. Try updating Figma!

I was also flipping out so completely understand where you’re coming from. This was the most frustrating thing. I also don’t LOVE how they moved hug contents and fill container to the top, where its disconnected from the other auto layout settings. Not too happy.

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Agreed! There are no video tutorials or updates anywhere saying that this change was made. I’ve been searching for the past hour. Good thing I checked here!


What was the reason behind these changes? I’m asking as a UX pro, this change reminds me of the Sketch App and its “amazing changes” it was the beginning of the end.


Not Figma’s finest feature launch… but let’s keep this constructive!

Here are the points of confusion I spotted:

  1. The create new variant button is not discoverable. Should the add variant option should always be under the “+” next to properties?
  2. Related to #1 - the add variant button seems to magically appear but only after you add a variant… that feels odd / lacks consistency
  3. When you add a variant via “+” after #2 you don’t actually add a variant as the label suggests… you add a new property and no additional variant instance appears… that’s confusing too. Feels like Figma has muddled instances of variables and the variables themselves in confusing ways. Please consult your content designers!
  4. A small video or NUX would probably help here, many designers seem to be a little perplexed by this :thinking:

Figma folks, feel free to email me - happy to show videos which illustrate these issues but can’t post my businesses designs here!


literally had to come here to figure out all this hubub about the new variant change

I feel ya Vladis, I had just raved a few days prior to this last update to ticket about how wonderful it is that Figma is Not handling updates like Adobe. …well there goes that out the window. I retract my positive gushing, as I struggle with the harsh UX and tool shift. It also wacked out some of my assets.

Or how about Adobe’s ridiculous “we’ll just rename this tool, change the icon and move it here. …the user will figure it out.”

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Especially point 3 is super confusing!

This definitely needs an update.

Yup, hadn’t used figma in anger in a few months and was getting stuck into creating a new component library… and started to get VERY STRESSED. Agreed with everyone else that the new design is very unintuitive and the communication could have been handled better.