We don't have to redraw shapes to replace them?

I’m sure we can minimize the interaction cost of changing a shape.

I have repeatedly used shapes on a Figma design, then in another minute wanted to change them to another type of shape.

And in many of such situations I already applied attributes like colors, sizes, positions, and more to a set of shapes but now need to replace them all with another type of shape without changing the properties of the original shapes.

Every time this happened, I wished I could select the shapes I wanted to change, right-click the replacement shape, click “replace selected” from a dropdown menu, and watch the magic happen in one second. Or, better yet, click the new shape on the shape menu while the former is selected, and watch it change to the new.

Interestingly, I ran into the same situation on Freepik, and I was surprised that they did it. So, I’m thinking to myself: if Freepik did it where it is least expected and seldom needed, why is Figma neglecting it where it is most frequently needed?

Dry(do not repeat yourself) is as crucial in UX design as it is in software engineering.

Do we really have to redraw shapes to replace them?

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