View prototype on mobile Figma app without a Figma account

Can you please release Figma Player mobile app or allow user testers to view mobile prototypes on their devices without the need to create a Figma account?

It’s so painful to watch recordings of user testing sessions where 1/4 of the screen is occupied by the web browser UI.

So the basic idea is as follows:

  1. User tester has got Figma app installed on their mobile / they have no account / they’re not logged in
  2. They tap prototype link
  3. Prototype opens in Figma app straight away


I’m not sure why, but based on my experience it proves very difficult to get user testers to download Figma app, create the account and carry on with testing. Sounds like a simple process, however it does create significant friction and more than 50% remote user testers don’t bother doing these extra steps.