Vertical wrap

Hey guys at Figma,

Thanks for the amazing update. I just have one idea - the new wrap function in autolayout only works horisontally as of right now, but maybe it would be possible to make the same function vertically as well, i.e. that the components will not go into a new row, but rather a new column.


Hey Marie! Thanks for dropping this suggestion - we’ll make sure to pass along your feedback, and will keep this thread open for others to +1.

If you know any other Figma users who would also like to see this, have them give this an upvote. It helps us understand what would be useful to prioritize in future updates :grinning:

The workaround for now is to rotate the auto layout frame by 90 degrees and then rotating the elements back, and flipping them in case your content gets mirrored.


Thanks for the tip! It doesn’t seem to work for what I’m trying to achieve right now, but maybe I’m missing something.

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