Version Control for Figma Community Files

Hey there, Figma Community!

I have an exciting idea to enhance collaboration within Figma Community files. I’m inspired by the version control functionality on GitHub, and I believe integrating it into Figma Community files would be a game-changer.

Here’s what it means for community members:

  1. Branching Support: You’ll be able to work on different ideas or propose changes to the main file without affecting the stable version. This way, you can experiment and design in parallel.
  2. Efficient Change Management: You’ll easily pull and push changes, ensuring everyone is on the same page and tracking updates becomes a breeze.
  3. Open-Source Committing: Contributing to open-source projects will be more convenient than ever. You can commit changes directly within Figma Community files.

These additions will empower you to collaborate effectively, boost productivity, and make Figma an even more vibrant platform for community-driven innovation.

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