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Variants and theis interactivity with regular frames

Hi there Figma Team!

First, congrats for the new feature, components with variants will be THE KEY when developing UI Kits and It really makes our job much easier with no effort! gorgeous (UX) idea and (developers) job!!!

Now, to the point. I am not quite sure if it will be fixed/included/token on mind for the variants launch but the fact is variants don’t talk with other frames when we try to apply interactions. If I build a switch (component and variant, property on/off) and I include it on my, let say home frame, it can be clicked and the look will switch in between modal on and modal off BUT if I pretend to navigate from, let say home “light” to home “dark” depending on which variant is active it doesn’t work.

I am UX/UI Teacher and I have been teaching variants to my pupils and we love them, but at the end of the day it is only “work-time saver” if you are designing inputs for a form or simple login page or check box lists… at the very moment we tried to use it and, for example, builds a complex login page with different user paths, variants don’t seem to be very useful and we need to think like old times when create frames and components in lots to visually achieve the feel and look of a complex flowchart with different paths depending on what users choices are.

By the way If it is possible to let the component “know” that ,for example, the variant on of a button is red, the variant hover is black, and the inactive is grey; and after that we can create the option of after hover, when clicking the variant “hover” to navigate to another frame PLEASE LET ME KNOW BC I WILL HAPPY TO LEARN AND IMPROVE MY LESSONS!