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Variants and Masters

Hello, I’m looking for some advice about the usage of master and variant.
My question is : should we create one unique master for all type of variants for exemple the biggest input as possible (input text, phone number, dropdown, date input, time input etc.) and then use it on each declinaison you need or is it better to have a master by each type of variant for exemple a master for the phone input, an other one for the text area input ? What is pros and cons ?
Thanks a lot

This is a dense topic that I’m actually working on writing up a best practices on. In terms of base components, the main pro is that it makes it easier to update the design of all its child components. The downside is that if you have a bunch of hidden layers in your variants because not all inputs from the base component applies to each usecase, this can impact your file’s performance because Figma still has to render all the layers even if they’re hidden.

Creating base components is mostly beneficial for whomever is managing the design system, but doesn’t really impact other designers’ usage of components. Unless if you anticipate lots of changes occurring to your design system, I’d suggest you just create component variants without a base component.

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