Using change-to with scrolling - how to fix position?

Hello! This question is a bit difficult for me to express so please bear with me and correct me if needed. I am working on my first big Figma project which is a portfolio site. I have a central widget called “highlight reel” which has icon buttons at the top and a scrollable frame with article cards and headings. My hope is to (if this is not possible in Figma please let me know) have each of the icon buttons scroll to a specific heading in the frame when pressed. I have made progress to where I have two functional buttons that, with using the change-to function, will scroll to a specific heading when pressed. However, if I manually scroll in addition to using those buttons, the buttons no longer scroll to the heading and instead scroll to the heading + however much I manually scrolled. I have tried to look into using the scroll to function but I am a bit lost on how that works or if it would be effective in my case. Please let me know if there is any hidden setting that I can’t seem to find that would fix my issue. Thanks in advance!!! The file is linked with my highlight reel and buttons.

Let me know if that file doesn’t work for some reason

Hey Anna, apologies for the delayed response! This could be possibly a bug. We’ve created a support ticket on behalf of you, so our technical quality team can take a look at it. You ticket number is #832655, for reference.