"Used In this file" ~ how to batch move components? (Free account)

Dear Figma Community,

Forgive me if this has been explained elsewhere - but I cannot for some reason “move” or import any assets that is linked from another file.

I am still currently on the free account and I am building my own design system. And for versioning sake I have overtime needed to Duplicate these as several drafts. However it is beyond me as to why, despite complete duplication - my design system still consist of files copied and pasted off from other documents elsewhere. Yes, I accept the possibility I may have copied and pasted things from elsewhere. However throughout each Design System versioning I made sure I’ve completely detached, re-create, and re-componentize everything manually including .base / structure comps.

Thus I am expecting each and every “duplicate” Design System is self-contained version of its own. And yet I’m noticing a lot of stray components under “Used in this File”. How can this be? I’m on the free account. As you can see there is no option to detach, disconnect, other than “Go to main component”. Would it be helpful, if not make it a standard feature - to have options to “relink” all of these into the local components?

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 3.45.58 pm

I have absolutely no libraries pulished, no components published (well on the free version I don’t think I can anyway).

I appreciate the help as always from the Figma Community. Thank you.

A sore eye update. Brace yourselves for not so good news.

TLDR; I had to manually go on instanced component hunt and manually “refresh” one component in the “Used in this file”, one after another - by using Instance Finder plugin which allows me to find and select these suspected components and then manual mass swap.

But…we’re not done yet. That is just for one (1) instance. Now I had to find the rest of variants using that instanced components (swapping .base/structure alone is not enough)…hence manually swapping these erroneous linked components elsewhere with the local component.

4 hours wasted.

…And no, we’re still done yet. Now the painful repercussion…

I have done an approx six hour creative sprint of fully designed and prototyped visuals (seven of them to be exact) ~ yesterday ~ using a separate duplicate of the Design System. Now you can guess where I’m coming from.

…I had to redo the visuaization. Because the old duplicate Design System still carried the erroneous externally linked stray files all over the place. Copying and pasting will only reintroduce the above problem over and over… How can one work without being scrutinising even the smallest of actions.

To the devs of Figma, please implement a batch replace or batch reconnect or batch relink feature. I have lost, amongst dozens upon dozens of hours not doing design, but troubleshooting, double and quadruple handling.

Otherwise, others will sorely experience the same fate as I am. Oh, and may I echo a lot of others sentiment - prototyping, sluggish performance irrespective of browsers are getting worse and worse.

Any comments appreciated.


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