Update helper tool for Figma hard to remote update

My computer is controlled remotely by our tech support team. I am sure this is not uncommon. I have to submit a ticket and tech support comes into my computer to enter the admin creds to allow for helper tool updating for Figma. Problem is, I usually dismiss the popup modal so I can work without that being in the way. Sometimes is takes a day for tech support to respond. When they do log into my computer, they go to the desktop app Figma settings dropdown in the top left corner. They click to “check for updates” and nothing happens. I just found out that they have to go to Figma.com and download the newest update for Figma - have it replace my current version and then FINALLY the “Figma needs to add a helper tool” modal pops up where they need to enter their creds. The bug is that the Figma desktop app should show updates and a way to update the helper tool via the settings dropdown in the top left. Currently, we end up rage clicking it. Bugs

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Thanks for the feedback, @Kelly_Robinson!

We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.