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Units as minimum font size

Hi. This may sound strange, but I want to draft a design for a hardware control panel using Figma, working with my hardware design team elsewhere. It’s almost doable but I’ve hit one huge problem, the only measurement units being pixels.

If I want to draw a layout for a panel that is 440mm by 220mm, and do other things in mm, then I have to do the unit conversion repeatedly manually, which isn’t feasible long term. I’ve looked for plugins to allow entering or displaying other units, and converting automatically relative to DPI, but I can’t find any that work.

If I just treat the pixels as a generic relative unit, unfortunately Figma enforces a minimum type size of 9pt, that’s too large for the layouts.

If there’s a usable solution to this, I’d love to know. I have looked and it appears there is none, so if that’s true, I want to let Figma developers know that if it supported more measurement units, it’s applications will probably expand dramatically. I’ve noticed a lot of people want to use it for print, but the same issue negates the value of the awesome collaborative functionality and hierarchal layout functionality that makes it so great.


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