Unauthorised invoice/member/seat added to my team

My design team has been locked. I have already purchased an Annual Professional Plan for my team for myself which doesn’t expire until next year in April. Now, I recently shared a public link to one of the files in this team to my client to merely edit it but he was automatically added to the entire team as well instead of limiting his access to this file only. Due to this, a design seat in the team was also allotted to him which I never authorized - I just came to know about that after visiting the “members” section.

In short, I never purchased any extra design seats for this team for anyone whatsoever and never added anyone to my team - I only shared a public link. Now, I see I am being billed for an additional design seat for this person which I never asked for. Due to the failure of payment, my design team seems to be locked.

I suspect it to be a technical issue in its entirety and this also raised a lot of security/privacy concerns as anyone can be added to my team without my permission and see my project files.

I’ve tried contacting Figma Customer Support via email but I haven’t heard from them! This is absurd. Figma Support seems to be a joke.

Hey @zaidhashmi ,
Sorry for the frustration, we understand why it’s annoying. This usually happens because there are added seats outside the original annual agreement.
I see on our backend that the support team replied to you yesterday and adjusted your invoice. Please check your inbox.

For additional information for you (and the community who may encounter this), here are a few resources where you can learn about managing seats and team permissions. Additionally, I recommend having an admin set up email notifications to receive an alert when a full seat is upgraded. For more information, to get notifications here.

Also, another tip, if you’d like to prevent additional charges in the future, we recommend setting your user type to ‘Viewer-Restricted’ as the default. This will then require Admin approval for a user to be upgraded to a paid Full seat. Our Help Center provides instructions on how to do this. Hope this helps!