Unable to add video -- I am on a paid organization team

I am excited to use Figma’s new-ish feature of adding video to fill shapes.
But I dont see that option in figma.

I have my files on an organization team’s project (not in drafts), so i am not sure why its not showing up.

Does anyone here know what could be the problem?

Thank you!


As I understand it, they are only starting to roll it out, so might be a while until it actually pops up in your specific client as I can’t use the video functionality yet either.

Hey all :wave: Yup video is rolling out throughout this week. If you don’t have it yet just keep checking on a daily basis. We should hopefully be at 100% of users by early next week. :slight_smile:


That is super exciting, thank you for the quick responses. I look forward to the new feature next week!

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Same here, thanks for the quick response.

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Hey @Josh, appreciate your response! I can understand the reasons behind rolling this out slowly, but maybe your marketing team could work on the wording for stuff like this in the future. :slight_smile: It’s a bit of a letdown to first read “Launching today” on Twitter, only to find out later that it might actually take another week+ until I can get my hands on it.


Thanks for the feedback! Totally hear you on this and will be sure to pass the feedback along

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Kinda confused…I upgraded to a Pro account for the sole reason of using video in prototyping - as the pop-up says. Is it not actually available to pro teams? Kinda confused…


Literally same. Decided to do the paid plan because the video aspect was introduced…

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Same here… Paid Account… Can’t add a video…


I’m having this issue also. I can open my file chooser and select the file, but after uploading the video doesn’t appear.

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Adding video but nothing happening. Some issues I guess

Hey @Josh good morning. I’m having a bug in the prototypes: the videos (which are already at the right weight) are not playing. Could you help me?

Hi Josh, i just paid monthly subscription so I can add videos but I am also still not able to do it.

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i still can’t upload videos even though i upgraded yesterday. should it take more time or am i doing something wrong?

Me too… having the same issue. Paid for professional but cannot import video files. Any solutions for this yet?

I actually think I figured it out… it must be a project in your team space vs. a draft. Hope that helps someone else as well! Figma does not seem to specify that anywhere.