Uizard to Figma


I’m working on a project and was wondering if I could import my project via link or HTML into Figma?

The project is complete on Uizard but I don’t want to start all over in Figma. The project is an app prototype.



Any solutions yet? Would love support with this issue as well, thank you!


Is there any solutions to this topic yet? I also am having this issue

Replying here to find out if this update will be introduced or if any solutions come up!

Trying to find a solution also

I’m also facing this issue. Uizard allows me to get layers more easily from a pdf. Importing directly from pdf to Figma makes me lose those layers. Can the Uizard integration be done sooner by the PMs at Figma?

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You can use a plugin called Screenshot2Design. Haven’t tried it yet because it had a server error when setting up, but it might be what you’re looking for.

The easiest way to execute on this is to download your page as a SVG and then drag it into an open Figma file. This will let you edit the page in Figma as well.


I used Visily. They have an option to turn screenshots into editable designs. I took screen shots of my app uploaded them then moved them to Figma. Some small detials where out of place but that won’t take you more than 20-30 mintues to change. It will mostly be the colors of your buttons and some text. When done export you files from download button in top right conner, ther will be a Figma option to select. When done head to Figma and look for the visily plug in and import your downloaded design. Hope this helps.

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