Turn variant into standalone component and retain instance connect

I’m cleaning up a design system in need of proper cleaning. The system has been in use for over a year, so less detached/missing instances I can manage, the better.

One component I’m tidying up (a list row item) has a variant that’s completely different from all the others. It’s using similar content to all the other variants, but its usage in the design, and right-side content, are far removed from how other variants are used.

Is it possible to move that variant outside of the component it’s in right now, turn it into a standalone component, but retain its connection to all the existing instances of it?

  1. Drag your Variant outside the purple border of the Component Set. This will make it a separate component.
  2. Publish design system changes.
  3. Accept the update in the file where the design system is used.

Instances should now refer to that separate component, not to a missing variant in the component set.

You can try this on a test file to see if it’s correct.

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Wow… I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that. :woman_facepalming:

Thank you, I’ve learned something new and super cool, and you’ve sped up my cleaning process!! :pray:

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