Trying to use Change To, but can't select a component variant

Looking for a Figma interactive components expert. I have an issue with trying to change a component to a variant using “Change To” function. Appreciate any help or tips on how to make it happen!
Here’s the screenshot with more descriptions:

Hi @Aygyun_Gyul, your file contains only 4 variants. Pay attention to the layer icon (filled diamond). Component instances that are in variants are variant elements. For you to be able to select any button, you need each button to be an variant.

Please see the Help Center article to find out more.

@tank666, hmm, I’ll take a look, but I’m not sure if I understand. I was building my buttons using this example of interactive radio buttons. I’m basically trying to recreate the same behavior, so I used the same structure for variants. And yet, mine doesn’t work, while the radio buttons do: Figma - Interactive radio button group | Here is a quick example of how you can create an interactive radio button group component. If yo...

Thank you for the clarification. That is, do you want your buttons to work like Radio buttons? Could you record a video of what happens after you select “Variant2”?

@tank666, please see recording below. Basically I just can’t select Variant2 or any other Variant.

Thanks for the answer! It looks like this is a bug. Please submit a bug report to support and attach this video, a link to the file, and any additional information.


I have this exact issue. I can only get the change to dropdown selection to work if I put the click action on the entire component. If I choose something within the component as the click trigger, it shows me the dropdown to make a selection, but will not allow me to select anything. Just in case it was just me, I used someone else’s file that worked, erased one of their interactions and tried to redo it. Same thing happened.

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I found a workaround by accident. If you drag out the prototyping line from the right side of the component in your screenshot and connect it to the row below (I’m assuming that’s the one you want it to change to, you can then make selections in the dropdown. So basically connect it to the component you want it to change to first and then edit the interaction.


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