Trouble with exporting SVG with an angular fill

I have a trouble exporting the SVG icon with an angular fill. It seems, like browser sees it like a radial fill

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this is how it looks in browser

@Timur_Gindin did you manage to solve this by any chance?

Hey all! Unfortunately, this is an expected behavior. SVG doesn’t natively support an angular gradient and so Figma exports these as radial gradients. This is a limitation of exporting this kind of shape to SVG. Rest assured our engineers are looking for a way around this, though it may take some time.

For now, we’d suggest exporting just the fill as a PNG then applying it as a fill before exporting the whole element as an SVG.

If you would like to read more about Figma exports and the limitations of the tool, please take a look at the help center article linked here: Thank you for your understanding!