Transform boolean property to variant?

Hey community,

is there a way to “extract” boolean logic applied to a components variants and transform it into variants without loosing the link to the existing components in use?

This means e.g.: A single standing component with 1 optional icon (set up as boolean) needs to be modified so we end with 2 variants of the component, where one has the Icon, the other has not - and all of this without loosing the link to the already set up instances.
(the example is very simplified and it would not be necessary here, but in my case there are reasons)
I was looking for something like this for a while - especially with living Component Libraries/Design Systems often e.g. more sizings etc are added later on and then reworking a component basically ALWAYS wreckes the designs.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Based on what I gather, there’s no built-in feature that directly allows for the extraction of boolean logic applied to component variants and transforms it into separate variants while maintaining links to existing instances. This can be a challenge in evolving design systems or component libraries. I also tried to find a plugin, but it doesn’t seem there is like one. I also hope to learn from community, so let’s see how others are using.


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