This interaction will not be triggered as interactions on instances are triggered before inherited internal interactions.

I’m getting a warning message appear on all of my components with interactions. I’m able to re-produce it by creating a basic text component with 2 variants and a hover state change. Can someone share any insight into why this is happening? Screenshot and message below.

“The interaction will not be triggered as interactions on instances are triggered before inherited internal interactions”

I have a component that has 6 options.
Between the variants I added animation “After delay - 1ms, Smart animate”.

When I try to add the first option to the main frame to test the animation, I get an error (the one in the title) and the animation doesn’t work.

When I tried to add another component with the “While hovering” animation, it got the same error, but the hovering animation worked.

I tried reloading the application, deleting the project and creating a new one. But nothing helped.

Perhaps someone knows how to fix it?

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Hello, i have the same issue here, prototypes that used to be working perfectly, don’t work anymore because of this change.

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Hi everyone!
This type of error message is generally shown when Figma detects that there is a conflict between the interactions you have set on your main component variants and the interactions set directly on your component instances. Figma will prioritize the interaction on the instance over the interaction set on your component variant.

In order to investigate further, we would like our technical team to have a deeper look at it. Please reach directly to us with a copy of your file by filling out a form here:
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with so they can take a closer look. And please, also add your screenshot/recording video so we can try to replicate it. Thank you!

To develop a bit more on the topic.
Here’s the link within the component, everything looks fine in term of interaction.

As soon as i turn it into an instance i have this warning.
It’s hard to wrap my head around this, has i don’t see any other way to change a button state (beside using variables).

I’m having this same issue today - I’m not applying any new interactions to the instance, just expecting the component to do the interactions set in the master component…

@Celine_Figma i can’t share the actual file i’m having problems with at the moment (client NDA). I’ll see if i can cook an example.

Anyway as stated before, inside the component everything is fine, as soon as it becomes an instance, the warning appears. Even when it’s a standalone element not included in any artboard. (which is the example above with the screen capture.)

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This is happening to me too today.

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Also getting this error for the first time.

I’ve also been getting this message for the first time today and the context for it seems false.

New bug in the software maybe?

@Figma - Can this be raised as a ticket to look into?

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Hey all! Can you all take a look to see if this is still a problem? Our engineering team pushed out a fix, and this shouldn’t be happening anymore.

@ksn i don’t see the warning anymore, that’s a first.
It seems to be working, thanx for the quick fix !

I still have a problem on one of my components but i’ll investigate.

Great! Thank you – yeah feel free to drop your findings here when you have a min :grin:

Still experience this on a simple Checkbox interaction. I didn’t create it myself, it’s a component in the SAP design system file, but I don’t see why this shouldn’t work bc the component isn’t created any other way I would create it.

It’s a nested checkbox component in a page template. I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t work. If I detach the page template component I can set the interaction. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi @bigfudge! This seems odd, thanks for flagging this. Would you mind reaching out directly to the support team with a copy of your file here:
This will help us to invesigate further and try to replicate the issue. Thank you!

Hi @Celine_Figma thx for the prompt reply. As it’s an open lib (SAP Fiori) you first have to downoad and import for yourself, I don’t know if my file helps as it is bound to a published lib of said design system within my organization.

The best option will be to share the affected file directly to the support team. You can send directly a link to the file, and share it with by inviting them directly as an editor so they can take a closer look. (this won’t affect your billing at all).
Be sure also to use your Figma account email, and a quick screenshot/video recording, this will help us to better visualise your issue. Thank you

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Ok, send it out. Thx

Thanks for confirming! Glad that it is working now.
For the nested component issue, it’s a bit difficult to know the root issue without investigation with a copy of the file (and a screenshot). This may be related to another issue. Feel free to reach out to the support team here, if you would like us to investigate your issue further. Thank you!

I have also this alerts showing in my buttons hover interaction, but when in Prototype mode it works perfectly fine. I guess that, as my button has a instance property of “click”, while the hover property is from the parent, Figma is trying to say me that the hover won’t work because first is the instance interaction, and as this one is a click interaction, the “hover” won’t show up.
To be honest, this is not a problem for me as I said earlier, because my component still works. But obviously, it is a issue because if this is the case, then Figma is showing me false information in the UI, wich can be a problem later on.