The screen on my iPhone goes black when I mirror with the iOS Figma app

The following procedure:
I go into the Figma app and mirror my project that I have opened in the Chrome browser. It works perfectly, the screen I selected in the browser is mirrored on the iPhone.

However, as soon as I switch the iPhone to standby (iPhone screen off) and go back to the Figma app, which remained open, the screen in the app turns black. So I have to leave the screen in the app again and restart the mirroring. Every time from scratch. This is very annoying. Am I using the product incorrectly or do we have a bug here?

iPhone XS iOS 15.4.1


I’m having the same problem. Very annoying.


Any solution to this? It’s extremely annoying and time-consuming.

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Any fix already? Its getting worse, cant even use the prototype app anymore now on my phone. Its getting a big issue for one of my clients, please fix it ASAP

same here… sometimes the prototype works… after fast scrolling everything black. Clients complain.

Prototypes in the Figma mobile app (iOS, v 23.15.0) crash almost every time I use the app. The screen goes completely black. When I enter the context menu (two finger press) only “Flow 1” is available. This flow does not exist in my prototype and all other flows are gone. Restarting the prototype does not work. I have to exit it and start over again.

It is super annoying. Please have a look. Thanks.

Hey @OleBerlin, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

What device and OS are you using? Is this happening with all of your prototypes in the Figma mobile app or just this one in particular?

This is happening to me and others in my office using an iphone 14 Pro max and iOS 17.2 but it happens on all the iphones we have.

The prototype works for a bit but then it will go to the black screen and only showing 1 flow, which is actually nothing.
I think it happens after your phone has gone to sleep maybe? It’s frustrating when you’re trying to show your protoype on a Zoom or something, to say the least.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the additional context!

We’ve flagged this to our mobile team as a bug to investigate.

Does anyone have a solution for some Qual testing we’re doing on user testing, customers using Android have completed the test easily but those on iOS have had issues with moving between the user testing app and their browser are greeted with a black screen throwing our qual results off

Tried and replicated this on both safari and chrome so it’s not a browser issue

me too… highly annoying