The project prototype is not working

Hello all, my prototype seems like is not working, is taken a lot to load, and when it opens the prototype doesn’t work… all actions like hovers, and clicks… are not working…

In the file, all actions are there… but once I play it it does not work

Anybody had a issue like this before?

Note: it is a huge project

Same here, also mirroring in figma mobile app does not work.

Hi there, I’m also have the same issue. The project prototype was working fine last month when I presented, but today when I reloaded the prototype, it takes about 5 mins to load, and then none of the connections work. The number of frames indicated below is literally 1, whereas it should be much more. My project isn’t really that large, it’s a mobile project with about 40 frames. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
(I’ve tried both in Chrome and Figma app)

@Figma_Support Would appreciate your help here!

4 days and no Support, first time in my life I need some support from figma and still no response, kind of disappointed… The entire dev team is blocked because this issue… @Figma_Support

Hi there! I would recommend reporting this bug through the official support channel instead of the forum. I don’t think their support often comb this forum, but I’ve always received quick replies through their support page.

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I am having the same issue and getting a bit nervous. Multiple prototypes that worked a month ago are all broken, some are small, but one is huge, and I really don’t want to start from scratch in order to meet a deadline.

I am submitting a bug but figured a reply bump wouldn’t hurt either, just in case someone has found a fix.

This bug still happening. It just happened to my project suddenly. Any solutions/workarounds?

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