The messenger Figma crushed and does not open

My Figma crushed and does not open…
I tried to turn off and on the computer.
I tried to delete and install Figma.
I tried to do “Restore from version”…
nothing helps. I need help.
What can I do?


Hello @Shaked_Mark

Could you give us a bit more information on the problem: What happen when you try to launch the application? Is there a black screen? is the application launching and crashing right after?

In the meantime, some actions work for other people experimenting the same problem as yours:

  1. Make sur your comptuer is up to date, if not update it and try to open figma again
  2. If your computer has a graphic card, verify if the latest drivers are installed

Let me know if it helps


Hi @Haroll Thanks!
Well, today when I opened the Figma it opened foe 3 seconds and closed immediately.
Then, I tried to open it and close all the windows quickly, before closing again…
When I closed all the windows and stood on the “home” icon - the software work. When I click on file (any file) the Figma closes immediately and crashes…

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Have you tried to update your operating system / graphic card driver (only on windows)?

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Yes, when I opened the Figma - a window popped up asking if I wanted to do update and I did… and since then the software is crashing (I tried deleting and reinstalling as well ( I tried deleting and reinstalling and also “restore from version”)

Still not working… :frowning:

same here…

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After the new update figma mac app is not working. Whenever I opened a new file it closes the entire app.

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I found that When I log in with my secondary account the mac app works fine and loads the files. but when I’m using my primary account it closes the entire app when opening a file. So I uninstalled all the plugins, but it won’t solve the issue. The strange thing is I can use my primary account on Browser and it’s working without any issues.


Thanks @jithinio
Yes, that’s exactly what happened to me.
I use Figma through the browser… it is not so comfortable…
Sounds like there is no solution to the problem (?)


I also waiting for new update May that will fix the issue. Did you check on another device ? Using same account.

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Yes, the thing I do not understand - in my computer the same Figma account works normal.

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Exactly, only works on browsers alone… app closing down when you open a file but works fine for prototype screen only

Opting for the browser now while this is fixed

I’ve got the same problem. Figma works fine in the browser but when i start the app (OSX 12.3.1) and try to open a project it crashes immediately. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

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Hi everyone,

If you keep experiencing what seems to be a bug you can try Figma Beta App version (link below). That’s where bug fixed are tested before release. Maybe the already got one for you

trying this out

Thanks Haroll, but it still crashes… :cry:

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Thanks @Haroll, but it still crashes for me too…

not working

same thing

same thing

I can only view the home screen

I’ve got the exact same problem, starting this morning, with one of my Figma accounts.

  • Opening any file i Desktop Figma crashed to whole app.
  • Opening a prototype in Desktop Figma works.
  • Browser Figma works like normal.

I solved it this way:

  • Inviting my other figma account in the browser to the file.
  • Switching to this account on Desktop.
    Tadaaa! :fire: