The Figma Mobile app shows large images very blurrily

For example, I took a screenshot on my phone and imported it into Figma. This screenshot can be clearly displayed in the Figma App for Mac, as well as on other Macs. It can be ruled out as a network problem.
But when I saw it in the Figma Mobile App, it was very blurry. It’s pretty fuzzy both in Prototype and Mirror.

So I tried to find the cause of the problem, and I found it through a series of experiments. When the long edge of the image is less than 1024px, the image will be clear. But when the size is larger than 1024px, the image becomes more blurry than the smaller image.
Maybe Figma made a size limit? Above this threshold, low-quality images will be displayed.

Although I write it in the Mobile Apps category, there may be an issue with the server. Because my iPhone uses the latest App, but Android phones have been using the old version of App, but they both have this problem.


I have the exact same issue. The image looks fine in the Figma desktop app and desktop browser. When I view it in Figma mobile app, it becomes blurry. Does anyone have a resolution to this?

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I am having the same issue too, both in mirror and prototype :pensive:
I was using a very large image that I cropped directly into Figma. By directly importing the part of the image that interested me (a smaller file, width 1024px), it is a little better but still not completely clear :thinking:

I am having exact the same - but only since a week or two, and nothing helps.
Looking good in a web browser and Figma - but in my mobile all is pixled.

Hi! I’m having the same problem, and my solution is to pretty much keep restarting figma. The images will slowly cache in and load all of the pixelated images.

What I did is pretty much open figma in my prototype, load everything, double check what hasnt loaded yet and close the app, and do it again until everything is loaded.

I know it’s not practical, but thats my alternate solution for now

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I am having the same issue, when trying to preview my app in my phone it only displays a very blurry image

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Same issue here. I suspected Figma only ‘sends’ a preview image if the image file size is too large. I’ve found making the asset a jpg instead of a png helps, but not always. I have a 1700x1100 JPG right now refusing to go across full resolution, which seems very small.

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Have the exact same issue. Looks great on desktop and mobile Figma App, previewing in Figma Mirror makes the image blurred/pixelated

Having the same issue but only with PNGs, the same image but in Jpeg renders correctly

I have the same issue
Android - Google Pixel 4

Same issue here. It is super annoying

Same here :frowning_face:

Same problem here