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Text edit sync back from FigJam to Figma

OMG I could not wait to share back my first tails of FigJam in my company. I already have a use case I really would like to share so you might consider it as an iteration.

Our product exist across multiple locales and involves copywriters with different language and different needs. We’ve been Jamming on copy in FigJam and because content editor are not really Figma users it was always done using comments. But now they can edit my Pasted screens from Figma to Figjam and can experiment with copy versions in situ.

Now selfishly this is ok but needs me to copy that test back to my designs if I want the latests version in FIGMA. Here is my request.

  1. As a user I can copy / paste component instances (not via library) in FIGJAM
  2. So copywriters can edit all the text elements of those instances in FIGJAM
  3. Then when finished and happy with our text content
  4. As a Figma user I can Sync back all that text to my main component.

Is this something some of you are also doing?
How do you collaborate efficiently with UX writers or Content teams?