Switching between components and variants not working properly

I have made icons into components with variants and have found that when I try to replace one icon component with another it changes the name to that of the new icon component, but still displays the previous component icon. Other components and variants seem to be working properly, and I can switch between variants of the same component with no issues, but can’t replace an icon component with another. It is also working for certain people and not others, but everyone is using the same version and it works in some documents but not others. Very odd. Any similar experiences or solutions?

@Krista_Gibson I am having the same problem. I am working on a file that a client shared with me and any interactive component I make, the variants don’t work. Like even in the design file, I can’t use the variant dropdown to change the variant state. It works on other files that I have built but not this shared project. Figma Please!

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