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I have not been working with Figma for long and I have a problem that keeps coming up:

I have created a component that has different variants. As an interaction, one of these variants changes to a different property while hovering. In my case, that means that an icon appears additionally during hovering. For the main component, I chose an icon randomly because I thought I could swap this instance depending on the use case. However, the icon does not swap in presentation mode, since the icon which is set in the main component is displayed. Hope that someone understands my issue and can help me.

I would recommend that you create a component set with the components of the icons you want to appear! In the image that I uploaded, both icons are different components and when you create a component set you can add the hovering effect you want. Hope I have helped you! Cheers :grin: :innocent:


Thank Nikos for your answer. :slight_smile:

This is what I did—or at least what I think I did. As you can see in the first picture, this is my component with different variants. While hovering the kebab icon appears. In my file, I want to use this component but have a delete icon instead of a kebab icon. But when I go to the presentation mode it still shows me the kebab icon. I also swap the icon in the hover variant to be a delete icon, which I just put below. You can see that it shows the delete icon.

The same happened to me before when I created a component for a button that contains an icon. Also in that case it showed me the wrong icon that I actually swapped for while hovering. It displayed the icon which was defined in the main component. So for each possible icon in that very button, I created a new component—which can be a pain in the … when you create an entire design system based on that kind of way.

Something that I saw just now: I also swapped the file icon to a different icon. This does not cause any issues—maybe because it is used in every variant of the component?

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In my experience, when I need a button that will have animation (click/hover effects) I try to create a component with all the elements inside. Let’s say that you want to create a button with a text and and an icon and you have 3 cases with 3 different icons. One way, as you said, is to create 3 different components and then combine them in a component set. Another way is to make the button with all 3 icons on top of each other. In an instance of that component you can delete 2 of the icons (note that they won’t be deleted but hidden). In this way, you can leave the icon you want visible and produce all 3 instances of your button by not having them problem of the existance of the icon inside the parent component (All 3 exist) Here’s an example. As you can see, I have put the icons on top of each other and in each variant i delete the 2 of them. Here you can see the prototype: https://www.figma.com/proto/cDSr3PxbiaAWFV66rSUmZX/Untitled?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=20%3A103&viewport=241%2C48%2C1.79&scaling=scale-down

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Hover and Press for the prototype effects!

Thanks again, Nikos.

I tried to hide it in the default state and make it visible in the hover state. That’s fine—but only as long as I don’t swap the instance of the icon. I think the issue is, that the parent has no defined icon here. So, either the icon is always visible, meaning also in the default state or not visible (hidden) at all (also in the hover state).

Nevertheless, you helped me. For every upcoming hover state with a different icon, I will create a new variant and then—depending on the use case—I will change the variant to which it should change while hovering.

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