Swap styles inside instances

Hi, the issue has been described several times already, but posts are closed and it seems the issue still is there, so I’m creating a new one.

When swapping libraries in a file, styles inside an inserted component instance are not recognized and swapped, except when checking the box “Swap default styles in instances”, in which case styles are swapped but as overrides (which is not ideal).

As Gleb pointed out, a workaround is to re-apply the styles to itself before swapping (effectively creating a local override that is picked up by swapping… with itself - that shows when right-clicking and can be reset).

Is this a bug? Did the team pick it up? Or I am not understanding the subtleties of the feature (which is very well possible)?

On a side note, I don’t really understand the use case for the “Swap default styles in instances” checked box. Figma doc mentions theme changing but I can’t picture a scenario in which I want to simply override my designs with another theme’s colors… Could someone explain?

EDIT: this could actually be the desired behavior. After all it is logical that a component’s instance doesn’t change (and is only overriden) if the master isn’t changed. To get it to change, swap libraries first on the component’s main file, then on the instance’s file.
With that in mind, the “Swap default styles in instances” could be used when you don’t have access to the original library, but need to theme your designs.

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