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Support animated GIFs

I am so excited about Jams. I am just getting my team started on Figma but first I need to migrate over 5 years of work from Sketch, Abstract, Whimsical and InVision.

My team heavily uses InVision boards to hold all of our inspiration and competitive research including a large amount of recordings we converted to GIFs to capture workflows and micro-interactions.

FigJam seems like it would be a great home for all of our InVision board content and future competitive research except for the fact that like in the Figma designer, GIFs don’t animate. Please tell me this is in the works! Please?


I really need the ability to play gifs and video files.


Yes. We have been using the FigJams for research and ideation, the ability to add video or links to video of User Testing and Gifs of interactions would be sweet!


Gif Support would be nice. Also nice if they have option to play or pause. Automatically animating without choice could be overwhelming.

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Agreed, this functionality if highly needed.

Just wondering if someon from the figma development team can comment as to whether video/gif support is a part of their vision for the product?