Sudden problem with component interaction

Hello there,

just the other day I made a component you could (can still) scroll through by directional dragging and it would be auto animated,
BUT NOW it’s suddenly become impossible for me to sometimes select drag in/out at all and furthermore, in the rare cases it suddenly shows, the option ‘animate matching layers’ doesn’t even show.
If anyone knows a fix, that’d be great of course, but I assume that it’s a bug the user can’t do much about.

Thanks in advance.

The problem persists and actually, even when move in is selected it is greyed out nonetheless.

This is after restarting pc figma etc and also a new test because it previously worked on other elements, as i said, that was about 5 days ago, the problem exists for 2 days now. No change in setup whatsoever, persists cross file as well.

Here an image of the greyed out follow up situation.

The original doesn’t show the animate option anymore either - but it still works like it was still active.

Oh and another thing I just realized: When making all ‘move in’, because that’s the default despite being greyed out etc, it always switches one to smart animate and when reconnecting it with ‘move in’, it changes another random connection (in that component) (to smart animate).

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