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Styles grouping naming convention (Swaping libraries)

When defining styles and arranging them in groups we tend to use “/” to created styles folders. Some of our designers press spacebar before or after “/” and some of them - don’t.

It was never a problem as all of them (no matter how it’s written) are properly grouped together. The problem is now present when we want to use a new swapping libraries feature. When looking at styles naming we can see them being inconsistent in terms of spacing and that’s why it’s now a problem for Figma to properly find matching styles.


“Support colors / Yellow/ 100” vs “Support colors/Yellow/100”
“Support colors/Purple /100” vs “Support colors/Purple/100”

It might be handy if Figma could ignore all spacebars before and after “/” or make sure it is always present there.

Now, in order to fix this and let Figma swap styles properly, we need to destroy the whole folders structure and build it from scratch trying to be super conscious with spacebars.

You can see a screenshot below of how the styles were named in real (even if in right-hand side styles panel all of them were properly grouped):

styles names

Thanks a lot!

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