Somes question about Figma use in general

Hi Everyone

i’m using Figma for few months and I like it but there are things that are very annoying for me, I hope someone can help me.

  1. When I copy past some elements from a frame the copied element is always on the top of the layers and I don’t like it, could it be copied and always pasted on the back ? Or better in the layers area I just selected previously ?

  2. When I move a frame with all the layers inside, some elements are stretched too, so what I use to do is moving all my layers outside the frame, changing the size and copied everything inside again. Is there a trick to avoid this ?


Hi Cyril5,
Thanks for reaching out to the community! For the first question, I’d recommend you to use the option “paste here”. This allows you to choose the exact placement for a pasted object. The object is placed in the location of your cursor on the canvas or in a frame. (Please also note that with this option, when you use Paste here with an auto layout frame, the object will be pasted on top of the frame, not inside it.)

Select and copy an object using the keyboard shortcut:

  • Mac: ⌘ CommandC
  • Windows: Control+C
  1. Position your cursor where you want the top left of your copied object to be placed.
  2. Right-click and select Paste here.

For more information about how to copy and paste in the canvas, you can check out this article:

Paste here

For the second question, can you provide a quick video recording when you try to move a frame with layers inside (with elements that strech)? This seems to be an unexpected behaviour but it would be great to have a deeper look by visualising it. Thanks!

Thanks Celine

Here are the other issues, I put the links

By the way I have another issues since a few days, ctrl + Z to get back and ctrl + A to select all doesn’t work anymore