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Some proposals for Figma

I have some proposals for Figma. Some from my own experience when using Figma and some from my friends and colleagues. All these proposals are not detailed, just put forward for comment and discussion.

custom onboard files for new members

Now every new member will have these files in their drafts after registered in Org. Can we customize these files for our own? like an internal guide to announce something.

Fixed Plugins panel

Fixed plugins panel somewhere so we can run a plugin quickly.

Add folder to organize files in project

Now we have org → team → project → file structure, maybe we can create folders in project so files can be more organized.

Make page from single level to infinite level structure

Organizing pages is useful for PM or UX. Maybe we can create folder or page with sub-pages to categorize our design, then we don’t need empty page as divider or indent in page name as structure indicator.

More useful library (replace) panel

The component replace panel is helpful when changing component, but it’s only used for replacing component. I always think about combining replace panel and library panel (the one invoked by Cmd+Option+O), so we can just select a component quickly and drag it to the canvas directly. Now we can drag component from left asset panel but it’s not that convenient, at least we can’t navigate to select with keyboard. So I just want a library panel that we can:

  • Invoke it with shortcut
  • Use arrows to navigate and Enter to enter next level or select
    • Replace if an instance selected
    • Place an instance into the frame if frame selected
    • Place an instance into the canvas if nothing selected
  • Drag a component into canvas
  • Drag the panel anywhere in editor
  • Hit Esc to close panel


  • Support variable width adjust for variable font
  • Better font picker
  • Keep links correct when duplicate a page
    Let’s say we have a file called '‘weekly report’ and every week we duplicate a new page from last week page. There is a text link pointed to a frame in this page A. Just keep this link correct after duplicating it as page B (linked to the frame counterpart in page B).
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Looking forward to multi-level structure of the page