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Solved? - CTRL + ALT + C doesn't copy properties/style data anymore

Previously discussed in the old channel figma confuses CTRL + ALT + C - Making it function as Add/Show Comments instead of Copy Properties.
The solution I found was switching to a US Keyboard instead of an International English Keyboard →

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It is a good temporary solution, which I am forced to use whenever this happens. Unfortunately that doesn’t solve the issue if you want to use any other layout (e.g. Hungarian). I will add some more details here, maybe it helps uncover the issue.

So for me it is not persistent, just happens occasionally. From time to time Ctrl+Alt+ keyboard shortcuts stop working on a Hungarian keyboard layout (Windows). I need to switch to an English layout where they do work - as suggested by Yuval.

After a while the issue goes away and shortcuts start working again. There is no pattern for when this happens or what triggers this and when it will return to normal. Killing apps or reboot does not help either, so please don’t suggest those as a resolution.

When Figma gets into this “bad mode”, Ctrl+Alt shortcuts act as if the modifier keys haven’t been pressed at all. Strangely enough, both modifier keys (Ctrl and Alt) do work separately, even the two together, just not together with a third button. All the more strange, as adding the Shift button as a fourth key works again:

Ctrl → OK
Alt → OK
Shift → OK
Ctrl+Alt → OK
Ctrl+V → OK
Alt+V → OK
Shift+V → OK
Ctrl+Shift+V → OK
Ctrl+Alt+V → V !!!
Ctrl+Alt+C → C !!!
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V → OK

All other applications continue handling Ctrl+Alt+ keystrokes (e.g. Microsoft Word), just not Figma.

Killing other apps does not help, so don’t bother recommending it unless you know some specific hidden system process that causes this. Nothing helps. Not even a reboot. The problem goes away after a while on its own.

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Not sure whether this is the same problem, but today I restarted Figma and now Ctrl+Alt+C goes to Comment mode instead of copying properties. Only workaround I know of is to use the menu, Edit > Copy properties. Quite annoying. My version is 98.14 (Windows app).

Addendum: my keyboard is ABNT2 (Brazilian Portuguese standard)

This works great, except now I can’t type any accents :grimacing: