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Smart Zoom

All the time, I am zoomed out, select an item, and have to painstainkingly pan and zoom until it becomes large enough.

The idea is simple, and is standard in most creative design tools already:

  1. If an object is selected, and you zoom (in or out), the selected object is automatically centered on the screen.

This should be default Figma behavior, but if there is a plugin for this, please let me know. Thanks!

Plugins cannot do that but there is a setting for this:

Also I would highly encourage you to learn other zoom shortcuts, I don’t use this setting because I use other shortcuts (you can open this panel with Ctrl + Shift + ?):

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Shift + 2 zooms the selected object or frame to fit to screen and it is centered when it zooms.

@SLT-UXD-BC Are you asking for something different than what the shortcut key - Shift + 2 does?

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@Christian thank you, and nope, I was asking for the preference @Gleb pointed out. It should be turned on by default imo.

Looks like Figma has an excellent set of keyboard shortcuts when it comes to zooming. Smart zooming - CHECK!

Sorry for being a newbie =)

Thank you @Gleb ! That’s exactly the behavior I was expecting out of the box. Glad it exists!

@SLT-UXD-BC no need to apologize, we all have to learn from each other. I am glad you found what you were looking for. @Gleb is the master!

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