Since the latest Update Prototypes are unusuable

I have been using Figma since 2017 and never really had prototypes so slow and sluggish.
Even the most complex one I made always worked quite well.

But the latest update just made them completely unusable. Transition takes seconds. Even loading a silly overlay takes 3 to 4 seconds in delay.

Prototypes that were snappy and fast now they are impossible to run.

Please fix this.

Agreed, this is a MAJOR issue. We have at least 2-3 tickets into support. Our prototypes and design systems have worked quickly and efficiently for years. Within the last week we can’t even interact with the most basic prototypes. There is a huge lag in the load of the prototype, simple overlays take 3-4 seconds to open. And clicking through efficiently to demo is a completely lost cause at this point.

We have teams of global stakeholders waiting for demos. Figma please help!

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Figma has become almost unusable because of all of the bugs associated with prototypes. Now, none of my updates are appearing in prototypes. I have to restart the prototype every single time I make an update to an artboard.