Simple Parallax Image Scrolling // Figma Prototyping

Hi Figma Community,

I have been looking for a video or well explained article but am having a hard time finding the right resource. I am trying to create a design/prototype that does a simple image background swap parallax on scroll similar to this codepen:

A video explanation would be ideal, but I am happy with any help you are willing to give!

Unfortunately this can’t quite be done due to the lack of scroll triggers in Figma. However, you can kind of fake it with arrow keys presses and/or dragging.

Here’s an example project I put together. Feel free to copy. You can scroll either by dragging vertically or pressing the up/down arrow keys. The images are revealed using masks.

@zachshea exactly what I needed, thank you so much for this! That explains why I couldn’t find any on scroll animations haha.

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