Show a clone of a page between files

As a Figma user with a large team, it would be great to be able to reference pages from others’ files within my own file. My organization spends a lot of time making different versions of our apps for different screen sizes and devices. I’d love to be able to reference a SSOT quickly and easily within a new Figma file, rather than having to tab between different Figma files.

What I’d like to see is an ability to clone or mirror a page from one Figma file so that a read and copy only version of that page can appear in my own file. That way I can reference back to that page for the latest SSOT, and make copies of frames and components that I can bring into my own designs.

Hi @daniel.jones ,
Thank you for your feedback.
Do not hesitate to vote up your idea so we can accurately gauge interest from the community! :ballot_box_with_check:


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