Short project workflow - Duplicate library styles to local style?

I’m a freelance designer and started a new project recently (for 1 month, not years). To speed up my workflow, I bought a UI kit and a Figma subscription so I can use this UI kit in my client file with a shared library.

The problem is that the devs don’t have access to this library (they don’t have a figma subscription), and it’s a pain to update the library in the original file and publish it each time I make a small change. Another trouble I have is switching between multiple libraries and local styles each time I want to apply a style or a color, I spend a lot of time browsing menus.

Is there a way to copy library components and styles to local components so I have everything I need, where I need it? I’ve seen a workaround mentioned in this forum, so I guess I need to use plug-ins to do this. Can someone explain to me the best way to do it?

Right now I’m considering detaching all styles and components one by one and recreating local styles one by one. Just thinking of spending 3hours doing that gives me a headache …

Thanks for advice!