Shared Prototype Doesn't Scale Correctly

I’ve been looking for answers and solutions whole day and unable to find any!
I struggle so much with my prototype. I created my whole project as frame size for iPhone 14, when I preview the prototype and I click on “Fit to Screen” it works perfectly fine.
However when I want to share it as a link and I preview it in actual physical phone, it is scaled up to 100% instead of “Fit to Screen”.
I am always sharing the prototype after I select the right option “Fit to Screen”, so I don’t see how it can be so messed up.
Anyone knows how to solve this issue? :frowning:

Are you using the Figma app on the phone it has options to control scaling based on the device frame

  1. The Figma mobile app will display the selected frame, scaled to the width of the device you are previewing it on.

So if it’s i14 frame on i14 it should fit exactly.

In the past I have tweaked my frame size to the test device, draw a frame with a red inner stroke 1px. Display just this frame using the app, if it’s not right resize the frame till there is a just visible red border all the way round now you know the frame size that will work.